New Downtown Bistro “Lime Me And Dine Me”

If you have or have not been to “Beach Bistro” on Anna Maria, you must go to Sean Murphy’s new Bistro on Upper Main “eat here” Bistro.

[Good Bite] Lime Me And Dine Me

As the sun sets over the water, run, don’t walk, to the other side of
downtown. With his second “eat here” bistro, Chef Sean Murphy is turning the
east end of Main Street into a culinary destination that rivals the west end. We
here at SRQ can’t stop talking about the lobster-crawfish tacos with their
crunchy, tangy cabbage slaw, tomato-and-pepper pico and homemade key lime butter
dressing— well, we managed to stop during wolfish bites. Those meaty lobster
morsels, exploding with lime and garlic, could be dangerously addicting. Can we
have a dozen more?

eat here, 1888 Main St., Sarasota,